Bihar Board Class 10th English Subjective Model Paper 2022 | Matric English Model Paper 2022 Bihar Board

Bihar Board Class 10th English Subjective Model Paper 2022 | Matric English Model Paper 2022 Bihar Board

Bihar Board Class 10th English Subjective Model Paper 2022, Matric English Model Paper 2022 Bihar Board, Class 10th English Model Paper 2022 Download PDF, 10th vvi Question 2022,

(Descriptive Type Questions)

1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
Mahatma Gandhi was one of greatest sons of India. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born at Porbandar on 2nd October, 1869. His father Kaba Gandhi, was a man of character. He was bold, truthful and generous. Gandhiji’s mother, Putlibai, had great faith in God. She was a religious lady and she went to temple everyday. She believed in prayer and worship. On a certain day of the month, she had her meals only after seeing the Sun. When she did not see the sun, she would not eat. The family was quite well-to-do. Gandhiji was deeply influenced by his mother.

Questions :
(a) What was the full name of Mahatma Gandhi ?
(b) Who was Mahatma Gandhi ?
(c) When and where was he born ?
(d) Who were the parents of Mahatma Gandhi ? 2

Answers :
(a) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the full name of Mahatma Gandhi.
(b) Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest sons of India.
(c) He was born at Porbandar on 2nd October, 1869.
(d) Mahatma Gandhi’s father name was Kaba Gandhi and
Putlibai was his mother.


Pandava brothers were in exile for twelve long years. One day, Yudhishthira noticed with sorrow that all his brothers had lost their cheerfulness and courage. He thought they would be more cheerful with something to do. He was very thirsty. So he Mantu Kumar: said to Nakula, “Brother, climb up that tree and see whether there is any pool or river nearby.” Nakula climbed up the tree, looked around and said, “At a short distance I see water plants and cranes. There must certainly be water there.” Yudhishthira sent him to fetch some water to drink.

Questions :
(a) What did Yudhishthira notice one day?
(b) What did Nakula do when Yudhishthira ordered him?
(c) What did Nakula see and what had he expected there?
(d) For how many years were Pandava brothers in exile ?

Answers :
(a) Yudhishthira noticed that all his brothers had lost their cheerfulness and courage.
(b) Nakula climbed up the tree and looked around for water.
(c) Nakula saw the water-plants and cranes and expected water.
(d) Pandava brothers were in exile for twelve long years.

2. Read the following passage and answer the question that follow :
It is worth looking at one or two aspects of the way a mother behaves towards her baby. The usual fondling, cud- dling and cleaning require little comment but the position in which she holds the baby against her body when resting is rather revealing. Careful American studies have disclosed the fact that 80 per cent of mothers cradle their infants in their left arms, holding them against the left side of their bodies. If asked to explain this left arm’ preference, you would probably say that it is because most people are right handed. By holding the babies in their left arms, the mothers keep their dominant arm free for their normal work. But a detailed analysis shows that this is not the case. True, there is slight difference between right-handed and left-handed females, but not enough to pro- vide an adequate explanation.

Questions :
(a) What are the ways does a mother behave to her baby?
(b) What has been revealed by an American studies ?
(C) What is the answer of women of their ‘left arm’ preference ?
(d) What is the percentage of keeping babies in their left arms in America ?

Answers :
(a) A mother behaves to her baby in a very different way like fondling, cuddling and cleaning require little comment
(b) An American studies has revealed that 80 percent of mothers cradle their infants in their left arms, holding them against the left side of their bodies.
(C) Women of their left arm preference tell that they do because they are right-handed.
(d) In America eighty percent of mothers cradle their infants in their left arms.


Yoga is the ancient Indian system to keep a person fit in body and mind. It is basically a system of self-treatment. According to the yogic view, diseases, disorders and ailments are the result of some faulty ways of living, bad habits, lack of proper knowledge and unsuitable food. The diseases are thus the resultant state of a sort of prolonged malfunctioning of the body system. Since the root cause of a disease lies in the mistakes of the individual its cure also lies in correcting the mistakes by the same individual himself. The yoga expert show only the path and works so more than as a counsellor. The
yogic practice of treatment comprises three steps namely proper diet, proper yogic practice and proper knowledge of things about the self.

Questions :
(a) What is Yoga ?
(b) How does yoga differ from other methods of treating a disease ?
(c) How does our daily routine affect our lives? 
(d) How can a teacher of yoga help a person practising yoga?

Answers :
(a) Yoga is the ancient Indian system of exercise to keep a person fit in body and mind.
(b) Yoga is a method of self-treatment. In all other methods of treating a disease medicine treats the patient.
(c) According to yoga all our diseases are the result of a wrong life routine. When the routine is corrected, the disease vanishes.
(d) A teacher of yoga can show the path and work as a counsellor.


3. Read the poem carefully and answer the questions that follow :
All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The lord God made them all
Each little flower that opens
Each little bird that sings
He made their glowing colors
And made their tiny wings.

Questions :
(a) What is ‘wonderful’ and ‘wise’?
(b) What makes the flower open and the bird sing? 2
(c) Who is ‘He’ in the poem”?

Answers :
(a) All things are ‘wonderful’ and ‘wise’.
(b) The Lord God makes the flowers open and the birds sing.
(c) Lord God is ‘He’ in the poem.


Not gold, but only man can make

A people great and strong;
Men who, for truth and honor’s sake,

Stand fast and suffer long.
Brave men who work while others sleep,
Who dare while others fly–
They build a nation’s pillar’s deep
And lift them to the sky.

Questions :
(a) What makes a nation great and strong ?
(b) What sort of men strengthen the foundation of a nation?
(c) Who, in the opinion of the poet, are really brave? 2

Answers :
(a) Men who are great and strong make a nation great and strong
(b) Brave men, who work while others sleep, strengthen the foundation of a nation.
(c) In the opinion of the poet, the men who work while others sleep are really brave.

4. Answer any five of the following questions

(a) How were Halku’s crop destroyed ?
Ans. When Halku was warming himself in the night, in his orchard by burning leaves, some wild animals got into his field to eat the crops. His pet dog, Jabra could not drive them away. So, his crops were destroyed.

(b) What are allergens ?
Ans. Allergens are substances which can produce allergy. They are normally harmless. They are found in our natural environment. Pollens, mold spores, dust, smoke, dust mites, animal hair, cockroaches are allergens.

(c) In which situation, does the writer find himself in the cinema?
Ans. The writer finds himself in the cinema in a hopeless situation.

(d) Who has written the essay ‘What is wrong with Indian film’?
Ans. Satyajit Ray, a well-known film maker and director of India, has written this essay.

(e) Where do two little girls meet ?
Ans. Two little girls from different houses happened to meet in a lane between two homesteads, where the dirty water after running through the farm-yards had formed a large puddle.

(f) Describe Radha’s condition, as reported by her friend.
Ans. Radha’s friend reports the critical condition of Radha. She is crying with pain. She is in deep distress. She is confused and hurt. She is getting thinner and thinner day by day.

(g) Who is a blessed man?
Ans. A man free from the anxiety and world cares is a blessed man.

(h) What type of cap is he wearing ?
Ans. He is wearing a black cap.

(i) Did the narrator succeed in getting Ms. Greene do something about ecology ?
Ans. No, he finally gets tired of trying to get Ms. Greeneto do something about ecology.

(j)Which as applied on the wounds of the tiny baby squirrel ?
Ans. It was Penicillin ointment which was applied on the wounds of the tiny baby squirrel.

5. Write a paragraph on any one of the following in about 60-70 words:
(i) Value of Games
(ii) Your Hobby
(iii) Hostel-Life
(iv) Bliss of Solitude
(v) A Visit to a Historical Place

Ans. (i) Value of Games

Games are an essential part of a person’s life and necessary for studies as it is an important part of education too. As much as knowledge helps in developing mind, games help the body to develop. For the mental and physical fitness of a person games and sport’s benefits cannot be ignored. Astudent needs something to get away from their boredom after a hard day at school and games provide them get out and relaxation. Games are one of the best ways to make someone’s mind fresh and strong. An individual who plays games shows a better concentration on books than the individual who spends
their entire day just reading text and doing no other activities. Studies without the inclusion of sports are incomplete. Games are vital for all-round development of the characteristics of a child, but it should be played in the right spirit and with due caution and care.

(ü) Your Hobby

A hobby is a favourite pastime. We need time to refresh after day’s work. So different people have different hobbies. But my hobby is gardening. I took to this hobby when I once visited a village. The green crops, tall trees and beautiful flowers left deep impression on me. On coming back home, I developed the backyard of my house into a garden. Now it is a beautiful garden, having flower plants and fruit trees. There are ten varieties of rose flowers in my garden. My garden is very dear to me. I spend two hours daily in my garden. It gives me pleasure- as well as good exercise. I feel proud when my friends and guests praise my garden.

(iii) Hostel-Life

Students live in the hostels for better preparation for their studies. There is a great difference in life at home and hostel- life. At home a student is free. He remains in the guidance and care of his parents. They try to provide him all sorts of comforts. Such comforts and affections cannot be found in hostels. In hostels a student gets more freedom and better opportunities for the development of his personality and to prepare his courses of study much better. Hostels also teaches students how to live together. They have to get up early in the morning and to read during study period. In the evening they have to play some games. Thus they develop the qualities of their education, love, co-operation and friendliness. There are some disadvantages also of hostel-life. Sometimes the students develop bad habits in bad association of some other students They spend their time in undesirable activities and neglect their studies. It must not be done for career-building,

 (iv) Bliss of Solitude

“Bliss of solitude” means-the great joy and perfect happiness of living in the state (situation) of being without a companion of a friend. Really a great pleasure is sometimes experienced while living in solitary place without any other person. It provides the concentration of mind and the benefits of meditation. By living in place far from the crowded cities, a man finds himself amidst the nature, in the lap of open fields, rivers, mountains, streams, falls, fragrance of flower, fruits, chirping of binds and a number of wild life companions. Really, bliss of solitude for sometimes is key to eternal happiness and heavenly pleasure. We must enjoy it to boost our heart and soul.

(v) A Visit to a Historical Place

A visit to a historical place is both interesting and educative. Last year I had a chance to go to Agra. My uncle lives there. One day we went to see the Taj. I had already read about this wonder of the world in the history book. I was very anxious to have a look at it. When we were face to face with this monument. I stood spell-bound. I was surprised to see the beauty of the Taj. It reminded me of the past glory of India. It appeared to me like a dream in marble. I was surprised to see the Mughal art. The marble work in the hall is worth-seeing. We enjoyed the peace and beauty around. I can never forget the mmemory of the splendid Taj.

Direction (6-11): Answer any three questions choosingfrom Q. Nos. 6 to 11.

6. You are Ravi, President of the Quiz committee. Write a notice in about 50-60 word informing the students about a quiz competition on COVID-19 to be organised in your


M.K. Public School, Hajipur

Quiz competition on Covid-19
This notice is to inform you all that on 25th of June our school will be conducting a quiz competition in which the questions will be based on COVID-19. So the students who are interested in quiz can give their name to their class teachers so that we can arrange things accordingly. The last date of giving names is 16th of June, after that no more entries will be taken. So, interested students, hurry up and give the names to your teachers.

              (President of Quiz club)

7. Write a report in about 60-70 words about the Chief Minister’s visit to flood-affected areas.
B.R. School

The Principal
B.R. School Patna
                                                                                   22 November, 2021

Chief Minister’s Visit to Flood affected Areas The flood in Bihar had created havoc in many districts.
Due to heavy rains, the overflowing rivers had made the condition miserable. Most of the areas were submersed in water. The roads and highway were completely cut off. The Chief Minister visited the flood-affected areas to evaluate the situation. He held urgent meetings with the administrators. He guided the officer to make arrangements for the affected people. Relief materials were distributed. Medicines and tents were arranged for the large number of people affected by the flood. The Chief Minister’s visit to flood-affected areas was very effective.

B.R. School

8. Write an application to your Principal, requesting him to provide a platform for cultural activities in the school.

The Principal
Jaymurat Rai School
Patepur, Vaishal

Sub: Request for a permission to organise a cultural event.

Dear Sir,
You will be glad to know that we students have planned to organise a cultural function on the occassion of Children’s Day on 14 November 2021 at 6:30 pm on the college auditorium
room. Like drama, group song light music etc will be performed.

Your’s faithfully

9. Write a letter to your father informing him about your good result in the final examination.
                                                                                       22 Feb., 2022
Dear father,
Please accept my regards and love. I am well by the grace of the Almighty. How is mom? Please convey my regards to my mom and love to my brothers.
I hope you are well by the grace of the Almighty. I am well too. Please convey my regards to your parents. It’s been long since I received your last letter. So I have thought of
writing this letter.
As you know, our HSLC Pre-Final Examination has just got over. I have fared well in all the subjects. I have got highest marks in English and lowest marks in Maths. So I have decided to focus on Maths. I am doing sums almost three hours a day. Besides, I am finding out the uncommon and critical questions from the test papers on all subjects. Now, as I no longer need to go to school, I have increased my study time from 7 hours to 11 hours a day. I write down the answers again after memorizing. I am also taking care of my health and taking nutritional foods. Please pray for me so that I may show outstanding results. Take care.

                                                                                         Yours son,

10. You are Sunidhi. Write a speech in about 50-70 words on ‘The Importance of Hygiene and Sanitation’.
Ans. Honourable Principal, respected teachers and dear friends.
                                     I am Sunidhi of class X. Today the topic of my speech is
The Importance of Hygenic and Sanitation’. It is no secret that proper hygiene and sanitation is
essential for the success of human beings. But what exactly is hygiene ? Hygiene refers to a set of practices which promote good health and cleanliness. On the other hand, sanitation is a set of public health conditions such as clean drinking water, clean air, disease-free environment, etc. Proper hygiene and sanitation is very important for our physical, psychological, social and spiritual health. A healthy environment will provide us a better condition to work and survive.
                                                                                                       Thank you

11. Write a message in about 30-40 words to your friend asking him/her to be ready for accompanying you to the market.


4 December, 2021
11 A.M.

              I have planned to buy a new mobile phone today from the Samsung store. I want you to help me in selecting the mobile phone. Please be ready by 4 p.m. to accompany me to the market.


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